Doing Development Right: Developers, who have projects that are designed to minimize environmental impacts or improve the community, come to us to identify and obtain permits and approvals.
These projects routinely involve innovative technologies, low impact techniques, LEED certification, and other characteristics that regulators at the local, state, and federal levels may not be familiar with, and which we clarify for approval purposes. We have the know-how, the experience, the people and a successful track record to guide development from concept through construction to operation. Our development clients include farmers, businesses, nonprofits, and many more.

Opposing Development Done Wrong: Homeowners' associations, citizens' groups, nonprofits, individuals, coalitions, and similar groups who believe that some development project does not minimize environmental impacts, lacks community benefit, or has other adverse attributes, come to us to help either improve or stop the development.
We use our legal experience to identify the most significant technical deficiencies in development applications. Where appropriate, we work with substantive experts (financial, geotechnical, regulatory, and more). We also work with clients to appeal development approvals that have already been issued, although we always encourage folks to contact us as soon as possible so that we can get a favorable decision in the first instance.

Lobbying: We work to strengthen and create laws that protect the environment or that provide other community benefits.
We also work to defeat or repeal laws that do not provide such benefits. We work behind the scenes, at the State House, and however else makes sense for the particular issue. Our lobbying clients are nonprofits, coalitions, businesses, individuals, and others. Our lobbyists have the relationships and networks to help shape the law for our clients.

Conservation, Preservation & Agriculture: We design legal solutions consistent with both private property rights and sustainable stewardship of our land and natural resources.
New Hampshire, with its breathtaking natural beauty, offers its citizens opportunities to connect with, and benefit from, its wealth of natural resources. Our clients include landowners, farmers, individuals, land trusts, preservationists, and others. We work to protect and preserve our natural legacy, and have experience doing so since long before it was popular to be "green."

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